falstaff’s award in the wine guide 2021 - 2 stars for the winery

falstaff’s award in the wine guide 2021 - 2 stars for the winery
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Falstaff Weinguide Deutschland 2021 will be available on the shelves of book and magazine stores from November 16, 2020.

92    2018 Pinot Blanc Badischer Landwein dry
Berry, herbaceous in the fragrance, buttery, spring meadow, typical of the variety, very Burgundy and mineral. Culinary wine.

89    2018 Chardonnay Badischer Landwein dry
On the nose with notes of apple, herbaceous accents from the spontaneous fermentation. In the mouth with some enamel, silky phenols, balanced Chardonnay.

92    2017 Volcano Feuerbach Steingässle Pinot Noir Badischer Landwein dry
Smells unsulphurized, some dried fig. In the mouth with very fine, yet grippy, grainy tannins, good density and pressure, creamy background. An exciting design with potential.

91   2017 Steinkreuz Obereggenen Sonnenstück Pinot Noir Badischer Landwein dry
A very traditional Pinot Noir fragrance, almond, sweet cherry. In the mouth, hearty in its kind, artisanal tannin in medium quantities, a wine rich in substance.

88   2018 Rosé Saignée Badischer Landwein dry

90   2018 Chasselas Badischer Landwein dry
Characterized by spontaneous fermentation, herbs, apple peel and bread crust. In the mouth with good tension, wide-meshed phenols, individual wine, also with food

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