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Wine tasting - regulary in the evenings and on Saturday afternoons
We regularly offer wine tastings in the evenings and on Saturday afternoons.

For our organization we ask you kindly for registration, with notification of the number of participating persons, by mail to Maximilian m.greiner@weingut-greiner.com.
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VINTAGE 2022 from 24. August to end of September - Who wants to be with us? We are looking for helpers
For the grape harvest at the Demeter Weingut Greiner we are looking for helpers from the end of August to the end of September, including all weekends during this period. Gladly also on a daily basis.
Current reading dates will be announced at short notice.

In the morning we go to the vineyards.
Later strengthen us with a Vesper (sandwich) - also vegetarian - and water, coffee and wine.
We will have fun as a team. Enjoying the beautiful landscape and the healthy grapes.

Please bring clothes according to the weather with you, from sun hat to rubber boots.
Transfer to Muellheim train station is possible.
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Meiningers weinwelt - rating of the gigantic Landwein tasting in the edition 04/2022
We are delighted with the excellent appreciation!

In the meantime everyone is drunk.

94       2019 Chardonnay   “a quiet, all the more exciting guy”
94       2019 Pinot Blanc     "on power amp level"
89       2019 Pinot Noir
86       2019 Pinot Noir Vulkan
87       2020 Gutedel Steinkreuz
85       2020 Chasselas Gutedel

In the wine guide beginning at page 74 you will find more ingenious Landweine.
"With us, the customer controls, not the contorol center"
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89 points at Meinigers German Sparkling Wine Award 2022 - Forget Champagne
Forget Champagne: German sparkling wine is great.
Only "Deutscher Sekt" guarantees grapes from German cultivation.

Our 2019 sparkling wine Zero Dosage made it into the top group of German sparkling wines with 89 points in the Meininger "Deutscher Sektpreis 2022" competition.
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Marcus Hofschuster rates 2019 Pinot Noir EXCELLENT ****STARS for the winery

Thank you very much for the excellent ratings!

2020 Chasselas dry
Wine Plus rating: Very good (87 WP)
2020 Gutedel Steinkreuz dry
Wine Plus rating: Very good (89 WP)

2019 Pinot Blanc dry
Wine Plus rating: Very good (89 WP)

2019 Chardonnay dry
Wine Plus rating: Very good (88 WP)

2020 Rosé Saignée dry
Wine Plus rating: Very good (85 WP)

2019 Pinot Noir dry
Wine Plus rating: Very good (87 WP)

2019 Pinot Noir Steinkreuz dry
Wine Plus rating: Excellent (90 WP)

2019 Pinot Noir Volcano dry
Wine Plus rating: Excellent (90 WP)

2018 Pinot Noir 14/7 dry
Wine Plus Rating: Excellent (91 WP)

Reviewed: January 14 and Febraury 05, 2022
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Gault&Millau rating for Sekt 2022 and Große Weine 2022

We are happy about red grapes

2019 Chardonnay                  4 grapes
2019 Pinot Noir Volcano          3 grapes
2019 Pinot Blanc             2 grapes
2020 Steinkreuz Gutedel       2 grapes
2018 sparklin Zero Dosage         3 grapes
2018 Chardonnay                  3 grapes
2018 Pinot Noir Volcano    4 grapes
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GREINERs CHARDONNAY-VERTIKALE - online tasting on February 19th, 2022
The wine package can be ordered directly here for € 99 including shipping. It consists of one bottle of our:
  • 2017 Chardonnay
  • 2018 Chardonnay
  • 2019 Chardonnay
To listen to
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Podcast Winesold! - GREINER at Diego Weber - to listen to
From cooperative winery to premium direct marketer with Maximilian Greiner

At winesold! Professional prodcast of the wine industry - Diego Weber

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Falstaff Wine Guide 2022 - A third star is not far away
... What Maximilian Greiner sent us this year is quite simply a very strong collection. The reds - especially the »Vulkan« - withstood the hot 2018 vintage well. The whites, who can inspire real wine freaks, are even more individual. A third star is not far away.
90 points         2020 Chasselas
92 points         2019 Pinot Blanc
93 points         2019 Chardonnay
91 points         2018 Pinot Noir Steinkreuz
93 points         2018 Pinot Noir volcano
90+ points       2018 Sparkling Wine Zero Dosage
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Der Feinschmecker 2022 ** GREINER one of the 500 best wineries in Germany
"For us, wine is not just a result of nature, but the expression of our spiritual attitude and the terroir," says Maximilian Greiner. He is one of those modern winemakers whose future wines we are particularly looking forward to. He works biodynamically, handcrafted and without interfering with the natural rhythms. In the current collection it is clear that this winery is at the very beginning of its career.
Even the Chasselas country wine looks absolutely natural with enormous tension and liveliness.
The Pinot noir volcano is already very strong and spicy, but it has enormous aging potential.
The sparkling wine was also extraordinary with its precise aroma of apples, its salty nature and the firm structure.
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Chardonnay 2018 receives 2nd place in Best of Germany from Vinum CH

We are very pleased about these great reviews from Vinum Switzerland.

The DWI lists a good 80 importers in Switzerland, 45 of whom have employed their Rieslings and Co. for this competition: a total of 460 wines!

GREINER Chardonnay 2018 | Place: 2 | Category 4: White Burgundy varieties dry
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GREINER - discovery of the year 2020 Baden - from Wein.Plus

We are full of gratitude for this appreciation and are very happy!

The Markgräflerland currently has so many discoveries in store for wine lovers, it's hard to know where to start. But there is no way you can miss Maximilian Greiner. Chasselas (Gutedel), white Burgundy varieties or Pinot Noir - Greiner has mastered the whole range. And also in the form of sparkling wine or rosé. Hardly anyone collected as many of our favourite wine trophies last year as he did.

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2018 Pinot Blanc - 93 points top at the falstaff TROPHY
Yeast and spicy mineral undertones, pear, herbal notes, becoming more and more balsamic with air contact. In the mouth with a powerful structural part: with phenols present and a solid acid core. Only very subtly influenced by wood. A handsome Pinot Blanc made for bottle aging.

Pinot Blanc Trophy Germany 2021; Tasted by: Ulrich Sautter on March 24th, 2021

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JANCIS ROBINSON – Our wines DISTINGUISHED (16 scors) & SUPERIOR (17 scors)

We are very pleased!

At the tasting in October 2020, Michael Schmidt gave the following ratings:

16,5 scors      2018 Pinot Blanc dry
17  scors        2018 Chardonnay dry
16  scors        2019 Saignée Rosé dry
15  scors        2017 Pinot Noir dry
16  scors        2017 Steinkreuz Pinot Noir dry
17  scors        2017 Volcano Pinot Noir dry

16,1 scors      Average score based on 8 tasting notes
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**** STARS - One of the best producers in Germany - by Marcus Hofschuster

Thank you very much, we are very pleased!

The rating stands for:
Producer of first-class wines, most of which are among the best of their kind even in international comparison. Mediocre wines are very rare, there are hardly any real weaknesses. Even in difficult years, first-class qualities are regularly produced here.


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Marcus Hofschuster rates 2018 Pinot Noir EXCELLENT     ***STARS for the winery

We are very pleased!

2018 Pinot Noir Badischer Landwein dry
Wine Plus Rating: Very good (87 WP)

2018 Pinot Noir Steinkreuz Badischer Landwein dry
Wine Plus Rating: EXCELLENT (90 WP)

2018 Pinot Noir Volcano Badischer Landwein dry
Wine Plus Rating: EXCELLENT (91 WP)

Last Reviewed: January 07, 2021
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Der Feinschmecker 2021 ** GREINER one of the 500 best wineries in Germany
Maximilian Greiner is a highly energetic tinkerer, doer and convinced “biodynamic”. In his opinion, wine is also an expression of “our spiritual attitude and the terroir”, which of course is also reflected in the approach in the vineyard (healthy soil as a basic requirement) and cellar (not very interventionist, “a healthy must is usually the best cellar master” - fining and filtration are taboo). The wines are all characters, some more, some less capable of reaching a consensus:
handy, creamy and presently tart and fruity of the Chasselas 2018,
The Pinot Blanc 2018 is extremely aromatic and complex
(yeasty-nutty scent, smoke and yellow, slightly tart fruit, mineral tension on the palate, salted almonds, wood and stone), the sparkling wine Zero Dosage Brut Nature 2017 in the best sense of the word (“all over the place”).
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falstaff’s award in the wine guide 2021 - 2 stars for the winery
92       2018 Pinot Blanc Badischer Landwein dry
89       2018 Chardonnay Badischer Landwein dry
92       2017 Volcano Feuerbach Steingässle Pinot Noir
91       2017 Steinkreuz Obereggenen Pinot Noir Badischer
88       2018 Rosé Saignée Badischer Landwein dry
90       2018 Chasselas Badischer Landwein dry - already sold
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Eichelmann 2021 awards GREINER winery with 2 stars
After the debut last year, we were excited about the second year. And we were not disappointed. Maximilian Greiner is on the right track.

Wine rating
89  2018 Chardonnay dry
88  2018 Pinot Blanc dry
86  2018 Chasselas dry
85  2018 Rosé Saignée
84  2017 Pinot Noir
84  2017 Pinot Noir Steinkreuz
83  2017 Pinot Noir Volcano
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