JANCIS ROBINSON - Unsere Weine AUSGEZEICHNET (16 scors) & ÜBERLEGEN (17 scors)

JANCIS ROBINSON - Unsere Weine AUSGEZEICHNET (16 scors) & ÜBERLEGEN (17 scors)
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Beim Tasting im Oktober 2020 vergab Michael Schmidt folgende Bewertungen:
16,5 scors2018 Weissburgunder trockenTrinkempfehlung2020 - 2023
Hand-harvested, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered. TA 7.1 g/l, RS 2.1 g/l.
Aromas of ripe pear, melon and a hint of apricot form a pleasant fragrant alliance. On the palate the Weisser Burgunder is creamy and fresh, the merest of citrusy notions supports the juicy ripe yellow fruit, and it doesn’t all fade away in mellow blandness, but ends on a piquant peel note. The merest flicker of a roasting indicates that wood has been used in tasteful moderation. (MS)
17 scors2018 Chardonnay trockenTrinkempfehlung2020 - 2024
Hand-harvested, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered. TA 6.3 g/l, RS 1.1 g/l.
Very clean and delicate fragrance with just hints of apricot, vanilla and lanolin teasing the olfactory perception. I know it’s an old cliché, but there is something very burgundian about this Chardonnay with its rich texture and full flavour. The usual traps of too much oak, heavy toasting and exotic fruit have been well avoided, leaving us with a velvety mouthfeel, very gentle ripe fruit and most subtle spices. The not-insubstantial acidity has been totally integrated and moderation in the use of wood make the 2018 already very accessible in 2020. (MS)
16 scors2019 Saignée Rosé trockenTrinkempfehlung2020 - 2024
Rosé made from Spätburgunder. Hand-harvested, spontaneous fermentation. TA 4 g/l, RS 1.3 g/l.
Pale-medium onion-skin hue. Gentle nose combines aromas of rose hip and raspberry with just a hint of herbs. On the palate, dried herbs and a slightly earthy mineral notion are served on a generous texture, which comes in handy to buffer the effect of a slightly tannic tactile finish. In the style of rosé from the Provence, if this generalisation may be allowed. (MS)
15 scors2017 Spätburgunder trockenTrinkempfehlung2020 - 2025
Hand-harvested, spontaneous fermentation. TA 5.1 g/l, RS 1.8 g/l.
Very pale tile red, salmon-pink rim. Subtle fragrance with delicate aromas of raspberry, rose hip and brushwood. On the palate there are no concessions made to followers of the fruity school of Pinot Noir. This is austerely dry and twiggy with a finish of bitter spice and dark toasting. Lean and mean, but I can see it performing well with any kind of roast. (MS)
16 scors2017 Steinkreuz Spätburgunder trockenTrinkempfehlung2021 - 2026
Hand-harvested, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered. TA 5.4 g/l, RS 0.9 g/l.
Pale hue of tinned strawberry, ruby rim. There are notions of cherry and plum on the nose, but vegetal notes of brushwood and autumn leaves are a little more assertive. The Steinkreuz is also very dry, but shows a little more juice than the estate Spätburgunder. Tobacco and cedar spice do bring a slight bitterness to the flavour, which is quite well absorbed by a generous texture. A touch of tannic astringency will need a little more time to round off, but this will always be a wine for the cancel culture of residual sugar. (MS)
17 scors2017 Vulkan Pinot Noir trockenTrinkempfehlung2021 - 2027
Hand-harvested, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered. TA 5.4 g/l, RS 1 g/l.
Medium-depth cherry red with salmon-pink rim. Almost a little perfumed with cherry, plum and cigar-box aromas. The yields must have been lower here, because despite a totally dry execution of flavour, juice and texture are more generous than in the other Greiner Pinots. This means the dry-toasted notes and the astringency of the tannins are more easily accommodated. A smoky and spicy finish adds interest to the sour-cherry fruit. (MS)

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